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LAST UPDATED: 18th January 2021
Balance Units Chart 2

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***Displaying recently sold units only***

02-Jan-2021: #24-20 Sold!

31-Dec-2020: #29-09 Sold!

26-Dec-2020: #33-10 Sold!

26-Dec-2020: #16-07 Sold!

18-Dec-2020: #19-19 Sold!

16-Dec-2020: #37-19 Sold!

13-Dec-2020: #27-19 Sold!

03-Dec-2020: #16-08 Sold!

30-Nov-2020: #19-11 Sold!

30-Nov-2020: #10-07 Sold!

26-Nov-2020: #06-08 Sold!

25-Nov-2020: #05-06 Sold!

23-Nov-2020: #12-08 Sold!

18-Nov-2020: #29-03 Sold!

15-Nov-2020: #36-14 Sold!

11-Nov-2020: #31-10 Sold!

11-Nov-2020: #30-10 Sold!

05-Nov-2020: #12-11 Sold!

01-Nov-2020: #23-19 Sold!

31-Oct-2020: #06-18 Sold!

31-Oct-2020: #06-11 Sold!

31-Oct-2020: #22-16 Sold!

30-Oct-2020: #25-20 Sold!

29-Oct-2020: #28-10 Sold!

29-Oct-2020: #37-14 Sold!

24-Oct-2020: #09-19 Sold!

23-Oct-2020: #31-03 Sold!

23-Oct-2020: #10-08 Sold!

22-Oct-2020: #29-10 Sold!

19-Oct-2020: #21-19 Sold!

19-Oct-2020: #19-19 Sold!

18-Oct-2020: #03-19 Sold!

18-Oct-2020: #26-05 Sold!

17-Oct-2020: #07-19 Sold!

15-Oct-2020: #21-15 Sold!

11-Oct-2020: #28-10 Sold!

11-Oct-2020: #02-19 Sold!

10-Oct-2020: #27-20 Sold!

10-Oct-2020: #23-15 Sold!

10-Oct-2020: #03-06 Sold!

10-Oct-2020: #27-06 Sold!

10-Oct-2020: #30-03 Sold!

10-Oct-2020: #23-05 Sold!

10-Oct-2020: #34-03 Sold!

10-Oct-2020: #28-21 Sold!

10-Oct-2020: #28-09 Sold!

09-Oct-2020: #23-05 Sold!

06-Oct-2020: #11-06 Sold!

02-Oct-2020: #20-05 Sold!

01-Oct-2020: #23-15 Sold!

29-Sept-2020: #32-03 Sold!

29-Sept-2020: #33-13 Sold!

29-Sept-2020: #25-21 Sold!

28-Sept-2020: #07-06 Sold!

27-Sept-2020: #24-21 Sold!

27-Sept-2020: #18-14 Sold!

27-Sept-2020: #26-20 Sold!

27-Sept-2020: #03-06 Sold!

27-Sept-2020: #30-06 Sold!

27-Sept-2020: #30-03 Sold!

18-Sept-2020: #32-02 Sold!

12-Sept-2020: #22-17 Sold!

12-Sept-2020: #19-05 Sold!

12-Sept-2020: #27-06 Sold!

12-Sept-2020: #24-17 Sold!

11-Sept-2020: #16-12 Sold!

11-Sept-2020: #34-02 Sold!

10-Sept-2020: #17-05 Sold!

07-Sept-2020: #15-19 Sold!

06-Sept-2020: #14-05 Sold!

05-Sept-2020: #33-02 Sold!

05-Sept-2020: #14-03 Sold!

01-Sept-2020: #11-12 Sold!

01-Sept-2020: #09-12 Sold!

30-Aug-2020: #03-12 Sold!

29-Aug-2020: #02-12 Sold!

29-Aug-2020: #27-21 Sold!

29-Aug-2020: #26-21 Sold!

28-Aug-2020: #33-04 Sold!

27-Aug-2020: #19-16 Sold!

25-Aug-2020: #17-02 Sold!

23-Aug-2020: #07-12 Sold!

23-Aug-2020: #05-12 Sold!

22-Aug-2020: #06-12 Sold!

20-Aug-2020: #33-03 Sold!

18-Aug-2020: #21-17 Sold!

15-Aug-2020: #35-03 Sold!

30-July-2020: #36-02 Sold!

20-July-2020: #11-05 Sold!

20-July-2020: #35-13 Sold!

28-July-2020: #10-03 Sold!

28-July-2020: #10-03 Sold!

28-July-2020: #23-06 Sold!

27-July-2020: #14-06 Sold!

26-July-2020: #28-04 Sold!

26-July-2020: #17-03 Sold!

26-July-2020: #13-05 Sold!

15-July-2020: #16-03 Sold!

29-June-2020: #26-09 Sold!

29-June-2020: #17-14 Sold!

28-June-2020: #13-03 Sold!

22-June-2020: #24-04 Sold!

21-June-2020: #21-04 Sold!

20-June-2020: #10-11 Sold!

19-June-2020: #28-17 Sold!

15-June-2020: #10-05 Sold!

15-June-2020: #12-03 Sold!

15-June-2020: #09-05 Sold!

14-June-2020: #09-05 Sold!

07-June-2020: #27-17 Sold!

01-June-2020: #36-03 Sold!

20-May-2020: #36-16 Sold!

20-May-2020: #36-13 Sold!

19-May-2020: #37-14 Sold!

19-May-2020: #23-21 Sold!

13-May-2020: #16-05 Sold!

06-Apr-2020: #21-05 Sold!

18-Apr-2020: #37-13 Sold!

18-Mar-2020: #37-02 Sold!

14-Mar-2020: #37-03 Sold!

12-Mar-2020: #16-14 Sold!

09-Mar-2020: #12-19 Sold!

03-Mar-2020: #04-05 Sold!

03-Feb-2020: #06-05 Sold!

30-Jan-2020: #04-19 Sold!

30-Jan-2020: #20-21 Sold!

30-Jan-2020: #26-04 Sold!

***Displaying recently sold units only***

CapitaLand Restricted has purchased the Pearl Bank Apartments by way of a personal treaty with a collective charge as high as S$728 at a total area value of S$1,515 per sq foot per gross floor area. One bank in Pearl includes a 99-year leasehold on a location protecting 82, 378 sqft. Outram Park, Pearl’s Slope is home to former Pearl Bank Apartments. Capitaland plans to redevelop the horse shoe formed Pearl Bank Apartments with a massive 7.45 plan percentage and to create a residential growth of high-rise apartments with nearly 800 units. One showflat from Pearl Bank is likely to be found near the site it self, and the begin date is going to be resolved shortly. Furthermore, One Pearl Bank Outram could have a wide selection of discussed and cultural services designed to improve a feeling of community and to celebrate this area’s distinctive cultural heritage.
One Pearl Bank Condominium perfect place atop Pearl’s Hill in Outram Park is also strategically situated in the area, with a few shopping centres. The popular Persons Park’s Complex, Chinatown Level as well as Clarke Quay’s Main Mall can be found near One Pearl Bank for example. One Pearl Bank Property is also found near Pearl’s Hill City Park where residents may appreciate plenty of outside spots to spend some quality time with their children. One evaluation by Pearl Bank reveals there’s great need for this ancient site that represents part of Singapore History. That combined with discussed services at One Pearl Bank Outram MRT Place Capitaland will promote neighborhood heart and enjoy the initial heritage and tradition of the estate. In addition to its great structure, One Pearl Bank enbloc also includes nearby air bridges that join both towers on top and ergo provide residents with ample place for many outdoors atop Gem’s Hill. One Pearl Bank enbloc is truly a scientific wonder combining sophisticated managing serene divine space.
One Pearl Bank Capitaland is centrally positioned next to Outram Park MRT Place which acts 3 MRT lines such as the North-East Point, the East-West Line and the impending Thomson-East Shore Line. There’s also several buses designed for owners who are taking buses along Eu Tong Seng Block and New Connection Avenue. One Pearl Bank is found just down Central Expressway (CTE) for homeowners traveling to the area.
One Pearl Bank is a whole new 99-year leasehold luxurious condominium home that will be presented by Capitaland soon in Singapore. The newest condo will contain 774 exclusive residential devices including penthouse suites. One Pearl Bank is a redevelopment of Chinatown’s best personal residential house, called Pearl Bank Apartments in Singapore, which was built long ago in 1976. Capitaland acquires this website propearly, and can retain the same idea being an ancestor.
The prime residential challenge reflects a form which was bought to Capitaland as a horseshoe near Outram MRT Station. It is built correct up the slope, citizens can benefit from the unblocked 360 amount view of the city and the wildlife. The area part of this condominium development is around 613,530 sq foot and the projected revenue price is approximately S$1,515psf GFA. One Pearl Bank next to Pearl’s Mountain Town Park is near a few features and conveniences to function future residents.
Cost for just one pearl bank unit One Pearl Bank Residence is a newly launched special condominium development, very respected for its place and regional amenities. The estimated cost range for starters pearl bank
One Pearl Bank will be the only important residential challenge located atop Bead’s Hill. This can offer an unique opportunity for One Pearl Bank House people in which to stay an downtown area surrounded by numerous beautiful gardens. That wonderful backyard city has drawn in spectators several authorities from all around the world.

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🌟An Iconic High Rise Residential Development In Singapore’s Prime District 👉Located On Top Of Pearl's Hill City Park🌳

🌟Served By Outram Park MRT Station & Chinatown MRT Station🚇Access To 3 Existing MRT Lines (DTL, EWL, NEL) + 1 Upcoming MRT Line (TEL)

🌟Near The Transforming 43-ha Singapore General Hospital, The Top 3 World's Best Medical Hub🏥

🌟Offers 2 Panoramic Views: A View Of The CBD Or The Lush Greenery🌅🌇


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City living atop exclusive Pearl’s hill city park near 3 MRT Stations at Outram!

One would never imagine at 🏞Pearl’s Hill City Park is a hidden 🧘‍♂️oasis of peace and tranquillity.

🌿The highly anticipated 🔎gently curved designed, One Pearl Bank stands at 📍 178m tall perched atop the verdant Pearl’s hill.

🌿Located at 🏞 Outram-Chinatown District in Central Singapore, offering 🏙 360 Panoramic view enjoying the breathtaking 🌃CBD, Sentosa view as well as 🎆🎇 spectacular fireworks from festive seasons.

🌿39 Storeys high with 774 units, a Wide Selection from Studios to Penthouses, ranging from 🔆431 sqft to 2,788 sqft

🌿just a 3 Minutes Sheltered walkway 🏃🏻‍♂️to Outram MRT Station, with 3 lines. Serving the 🚇 E-W Line, N-E Line and upcoming T-E Line.

🌿*Proximity to 🌎 World Top 3 SGH Medical Hub, 🎁 Orchard Road, CBD, Marina Bay & Sentosa

🌿Excellent Connectivity to 🚗 CTE, AYE, ECP & MCE

🌿Designed by 🏆 Multi Awards Winning Serie(UK)+Multiply Architects.

🌿 World’s 1st Sky Allotment Gardens with 🌴18 sky allotment gardens and close to 200 plots where residents can grow their own 🎍🌾 herbs, fruits and vegetables.

🌿Over 500 trees across 35 species and more than 🌴 135,000 shrubs, plants and flowers will be planted throughout the landscape.

🌿Great Investment growth with ✍️ 2019 Draft Master Plan changes & Numerous Attractions near 🏙 Greater Southern Waterfront

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